R.I.P. Chris Harman (1942-2009)

The news has come to us of the death of the well-known socialist author Chris Harman, who has suddenly and prematurely passed away as the result of a heart attack in Cairo.(1) He was a popular and active author of works of a historical and economic nature seen from a socialist perspective, a perspective he developed as a student at the London School of Economics. In particular his work about the movement of Paris 1968, The Fire Next Time, and his Marxist history of the world for a popular audience, A People’s History of the World, have justly become famous.

Aside from this he was active in the British Socialist Workers Party and for this reason took up consistently Trotskyist positions. He was for the longest time editor of the SWP paper Socialist Worker and of their theoretical journal International Socialism Journal. Here and elsewhere he held extensive debates with other Trotskyist economic thinkers such as Ernest Mandel and Alec Nove. As popular writer and speaker he has spread much socialist influence within and without the United Kingdom.

(1) http://leninology.blogspot.com/2009/11/chris-harman-rip.html.


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